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EXTRA ISSUE: VOL. 14 · NO. 04.5 · September 2014

Poetic Research Department
Susan Rich
Dark Room


John Patrick Leary
The Lost Histories of Past Futures: Revolution, Belonging, and the Times of Transnational Print Cultures
Raúl Coronado, A World Not To Come

Keith Mason
"Barbadosed": Class and Race in the British Atlantic
Simon P. Newman, A New World of Labor · VOL. 14 · NO. 04 · Summer 2014


Erik Beck
Finding a Lost Election

Brian Phillips Murphy
Hijinks on the Hudson?

Anne Roth-Reinhardt
John Paul Jones, a New "Pattern" for America

The American Jeremiad

Christopher Looby
Introduction: The American Jeremiad at 35
The State of the Americanist Field

Jonathan Arac
The American Jeremiad after Thirty-Five Years

Nancy Bentley
Reconsidering The American Jeremiad

Nan Goodman
The Future in/The Future of Bercovitch's Jeremiad

Gerald Graff
On The American Jeremiad

Michael P. Kramer
The Jews and the Jeremiad

Patricia Williams
Returning to the Puritans


Seth Cotlar
In Search of America's Radically Democratic Founders
Robert W.T. Martin, Government by Dissent

Edward M. Griffin
Fine Distinctions
Philip Gould, Writing the Rebellion

Brian D. Valencia
I See, Therefore I Act?
Amy E. Hughes, Spectacles of Reform

Rachel Tamar Van
Between the Forecastle & the Federal Government, or "Jack Tar, American"
Matthew Taylor Raffety, The Republic Afloat


Poetic Research Department
Robert Farnsworth

Emily Pawley
Reading the Man of Signs, or, Farming in the Moon

imageThe Common School
Abigail Walthausen
Lessons in Diction and Deism
The Literary Paradises of Hurston and Bartram in a High School Curriculum

imageAsk the author
Brett Rushforth
Making Slavery in New France
Indigenous and Atlantic Histories

imageTales from the Vault
Gordon Fraser
Yellow Bird and the Thunder
On Finding the Earliest Known Poem by John Rollin Ridge, the First Native American Novelist

crierPublick Occurences 2.0
Jeffrey L. Pasley
A blog of historical punditry

Just Teach One
Recovering and teaching neglected or forgotten texts


Web Library
Molly O'Hagan Hardy
The Common-place Web Library is an annotated selection of Web resources in American History. This month's link: What is Evans-TCP?

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