Sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society in association with the University of Oklahoma
Review by Lynne Zacek Bassett
Frenchified Fashions and Republican Simplicity
Kate Haulman, The Politics of Fashion in Eighteenth-Century America
Review by Christian J. Koot
Excavating the American Past
Daniel K. Richter, Before the Revolution
Review by Michael A. McDonnell
Imagining a Democracy
Steven Wilf, Law's Imagined Republic
Review by Emily Pawley
Landscape with Figures
Andrea Wulf, Founding Gardeners
Review by Kelly Ross
Nervous Americans
Justine Murison, The Politics of Anxiety in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Josh Brown
A graphic novel in several parts
Poetic Research Department
Geoffery Waterman
A Voice Inside My Own · VOL. 12 · NO. 03 · April 2012
Political Histories

Kenneth Cohen
The Manly Sport of American Politics
Or, How We Came to Call Elections "Races"

Daniel J. Herman
Arizona's Secret History
When Powerful Mormons Went Separate Ways

Sarah J. Purcell
All That Remains of Henry Clay
Political Funerals and the Tour of Henry Clay's Corpse

image Caitlin Rosenthal
Narratives and Numbers in Nineteenth-Century America

Common Reading
Leon Jackson
Digging for Dirt
Reading Blackmail in the Antebellum Archive

George W. Boudreau
Making the Nation
Benjamin H. Irvin, Clothed in Robes of Sovereignty

Carl Robert Keyes
Single Men in Early America
John Gilbert McCurdy, Citizen Bachelors

Alison L. LaCroix
The Labor Theory of Empire
Craig Yirush, Settlers, Liberty, and Empire

Jonathan Prude
New Terrains
Christopher J. Lukasik, Discerning Characters
David Jaffee, A New Nation of Goods.

Ezra Tawil
Cato's Literatures?
Sandra M. Gustafson, Imagining Deliberative Democracy in the Early American Republic



Poetic Research Department
Brian Teare, Poems
Laura Larson, Photographs

Automatic Writing and Group #1

Josh Brown
A graphic novel in several parts

crierPublick Occurences 2.0
Jeffrey L. Pasley

Ask the author
Marla R. Miller
Reconstructing the Absent Center
Looking for Betsy Ross

imageThe Common School
Charles L. Newhall
Witnessing Historical Thinking
Teaching Students to Construct Historical Narratives

imageObject Lessons
Ellen Litwicki
George's Story
Dolls and the Material Culture of Christmas

imageTales from the Vault
Angelita Reyes
Not Even Past
Six Acres and a Mule or Searching for Vicey Skipwith

Web Library
Jane Dabel
The Common-place Web Library is an annotated selection of Web resources in American History. This month's link: Examination Days: The New York African Free School Collection

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