Sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society in association with the University of Oklahoma
Review by Williamjames Hull Hoffer
Collective Sovereignty? The Contested Early History of U.S. Constitutionalism
Christian G. Fritz, American Sovereigns
Review by Ariel Ron
Misadventures of the Counter Jumper
Brian P. Luskey, On the Make
Review by Matthew Vaz
Time, Trust and Exchange in the American Pawnshop
Wendy Woloson, In Hock · VOL. 10 · NO. 03 · April 2010

Hard Times

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To learn much more about the pictures in this album,
see Jonathan Prude's "Images of Want" essay.

Michael Zakim
The Best of Times and the Worst of Times
Introduction to the "Hard Times" issue



Thomas Augst
A Drunkard's Story
The market for suffering in antebellum America

Edward E. Baptist
Toxic Debt, Liar Loans, and Securitized Human Beings
The Panic of 1837 and the fate of slavery

Oz Frankel
Hard Facts for Hard Times
Social knowledge and social crisis in the nineteenth century


Pierre Gervais
A Game of Claims and Expectations
Credit, failure, and personal relationships across the Atlantic

Roy Kreitner
When Banks Fail
Creating money and risk in antebellum America

Jessica Lepler
Pictures of Panic
Constructing hard times in words and images

Noam Maggor
Hard Times
The exhibition


Cathy Matson
Flimsy Fortunes
Americans' old relationship with paper speculation and panic

Sharon Ann Murphy
"Doomed … to eat the bread of dependency"?
Insuring the middle-class against hard times

Jonathan Prude
Images of Want
How poverty was, and was not, pictured before the Civil War



Review by Dave Beyreis
Capitalists of the Caribbean
Peter T. Leeson, The Invisible Hook

Review by Catherine S. Cangany
Concord on the Michigan Frontier
James Z. Schwartz, Conflict on the Michigan Frontier

Review by R.S. Taylor Stoermer
The First People in the Province
Emory G. Evans, A "Topping People"

Review by Lynda Yankaskas
Building Baltimore in Black and White
Seth Rockman, Scraping By



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