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Review by Amanda Bowie Moniz
The Unwanted Rise of America's Voluntary Tradition
Johann N. Neem, Creating a Nation of Joiners
Review by Corey Capers
Visualizing Freedom
Michael A. Chaney, Fugitive Vision
Review by April Rose Haynes
Donna Dennis, Licentious Gotham · VOL. 09 · NO. 04 · July 2009
forum: Thomas Paine

Catherine E. Kelly
Introduction: Making Sense of Thomas Paine

J. M. Opal
Common Sense and Imperial Atrocity
How Thomas Paine saw South Asia in North America

Matteo Battistini
Radical Revisions
Thomas Skidmore reads Thomas Paine in 1829 New York

Nathalie Caron
Debating Freedom of Speech and Conscience
Thomas Paine, the new atheism movement, and the European skeptic tradition


Marcy J. Dinius
Best in Show
American daguerreotypes at the Great Exhibition

Benjamin C. Ray
"They Did Eat Red Bread Like Mans Flesh"
Reports of witches' meetings in Salem Village in 1692

Review by Honor Sachs
A Lost Cause
Kevin T. Barksdale, The Lost State of Franklin

Spencer Snow
Diasporic to Hegemonic
Leonard Tennenhouse, The Importance of Feeling English

Review by Serena Zabin
Capitalism at the Kitchen Table
Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor, The Ties That Buy

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crierPublick Occurences 2.0
Jeffrey L. Pasley

Ask the author
Mark S. Schantz
Facing the End
Death and dying in American culture

Tales from the Vault
Gordon Sayre
A Newly Discovered Map by Antoine-Simon Le Page du Pratz
From Mississippi Bubble to "Fleuve St. Louis," a new portrait of America's greatest river

The Common School
Jim Cullen
Closing the Books
Traversing the electronic textbook frontier isn't easy, but it's probably logistically—and pedagogically—necessary

Object Lessons
Kevin D. Murphy
Self-Portraiture and Self-Fashioning
Two early American ministers construct themselves through painting

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