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AAS OU · VOL. 09 · NO. 03 · April 2009

Review by Wim Klooster
Acquiring a Taste for Defiance
Thomas M. Truxes, Defying Empire
Review by W. Bryan Rommel-Ruiz
Reaping the Bounty of Death
Vincent Brown, The Reaper's Garden
Review by Mark Schmeller
Newspapers and the Cant of Civility
Marcus Daniel, Scandal and Civility

Who Reads an Early American Book?


Joanna Brooks
Introducing the Literature Issue

Bryan Waterman
Who Reads an Early American Book?
More people than you might think


Edward Cahill
The Other Panic of 1819
Irving's Sketch Book, literary overproduction, and the politics of the "purely literary"

Max Cavitch
Who Publishes an Early American Book?
From Codex to Kindle

Michael Drexler
The Displacement of the American Novel
Imagining Aaron Burr and Haiti in Leonora Sansay's Secret History

Hilary Emmett
The Other Charlie Brown
Early American studies in Australia

Lisa M. Gordis
"None Need Think Their Sympathy Wasted"
Reading early American books

Alison L. LaCroix
The Founders’ Fiction
Reading eighteenth-century novels in company with the American revolutionaries

Michael Winship
Two Early American Bestsellers
Rowson's Charlotte Temple and Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin

Hilary E. Wyss
Reading and Writing Indians
Native American literacy in colonial New England


Review by Thomas Augst
The Asylum as a Literary Institution
Benjamin Reiss, Theaters of Madness

Review by David Greven
Emotional Labors
Martha Tomhave Blauvelt, The Work of the Heart

Review by Robb K. Haberman
Poetry over Politics
Catherine O'Donnell Kaplan, Men of Letters in the Early Republic

Review by Martha Elena Rojas
Reading the Ocean with a Mariner's Eye
Hester Blum, The View from the Masthead

Ask the author
Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore
Facts and Fictions in Revolutionary Boston


Eric Slauter
Literature as Evidence
Historians recommend American books
Vincent Brown, Joyce Chaplin, Carolyn Eastman, François Furstenberg, Sarah Knott,
Matthew Mason, James Sidbury, John Wood Sweet, and Caroline Winterer

crierPublick Occurences 2.0
Jeffrey L. Pasley

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