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AAS FSU · VOL. 09 · NO. 02 · January 2009

New Editor

Talk of the Past
Edwin Perkins
The Rise and Fall of Relationship Banking
The transition from financial continuity and stability to market pricing for financial services

Ellen Carol DuBois
Seneca Falls in Santa Cruz
Eliza W. Farnham and the varieties of women’s emancipation in nineteenth-century California

Christopher Grasso
Skepticism and Faith
The early republic

Bryan F. Le Beau
The Mind of the North in Pictures
Currier and Ives’s Civil War

Rafia Zafar
Frederick Douglass and George Teamoh
Anxieties of influence in the postbellum slave narrative

Common Reading
Edward Gray
Surfing and Navigating
Or, life with books

Review by Gordon Sayre
A French-Canadian View of North American Cartography
Litalien, Palomino, and Vaugeois, eds. Mapping a Continent

Review by Erik J. Chaput
Reform and Reaction: Populism in Early America
Ronald P. Formisano, For the People

Review by Elizabeth Kelly Gray
The Deep and Deeper South
Matthew Pratt Guterl, American Mediterranean

Review by Meredith Neuman
Puritan History in the Present Tense
Sarah Vowell, The Wordy Shipmates

Review by Robert G. Parkinson
On Print and Polemics
Trish Loughran, The Republic in Print

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Ask the author
Scott Casper
Sarah Johnson's Mount Vernon
The forgotten history of an American shrine

crierPublick Occurences 2.0
Jeffrey L. Pasley

Lampi's Election Notes
Philip Lampi
Lampi's Election Notes
A new blog about the election

Tales from the Vault
Charles R. Foy
Uncovering Hidden Lives
Developing a database of mariners in the Black Atlantic

The Common School
Jim Cullen
Artificial Light
George Washington Plunkitt teaches a lesson

Web Library
Dave Neumann
The Common-place Web Library is an annotated selection of Web resources in American History. This month's link: The National History Education Clearinghouse

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