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AAS FSU · VOL. 09 · NO. 01 · October 2008

Beyond the Valley of the Founders: Democracy in Early America, and After

The Politics Issue 2008


Jeffrey L. Pasley
Introducing the Common-place politics issue


Jim Cullen
The Wright Stuff
Stephen Douglas, Frederick Douglass, and the blackened reputation of Abraham Lincoln

Amy S. Greenberg
The Politics of Martial Manhood
Or, why falling off a horse was worse than falling off the wagon in 1852

Reeve Huston
What We Talk about When We Talk about Democracy
Reengaging the American democratic tradition

Richard S. Newman
Faith in the Ballot
Black shadow politics in the antebellum North

Jonathan D. Sassi
“Great Questions of National Morality”
Lyman Beecher on religion and politics in America

Ray Raphael
The people's voice in revolutionary America

BONUS ARTICLE: Christian G. Fritz
America's Unknown Constitutional World

Paper and Politics: How Americans Voted Before the Chad

Caroline F. Sloat
The Technology of Democracy
The material history of the U.S. ballot

Patricia Crain
Potent Papers
Secret lives of the nineteenth-century ballot

Lisa Gitelman
Voting Machines and the Voters They Represent
Technology and democratic intent

Laura Rigal
Black Work at the Polling Place
The color line in The County Election

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We the Government: Recovering the History of the American State

Richard R. John
Why Institutions Matter
Rewriting the history of the early republic

Sean Patrick Adams
The Tao of John Quincy Adams
Or, new institutionalism and the early American republic

Max M. Edling
When Johnny Comes Marching Home…from the Bank
War and public finance in America, from the U.S.-Mexican War to the present

Gautham Rao
Sailors’ Health and National Wealth
Marine hospitals in the early republic

Jeffrey L. Pasley
Midget on Horseback
American Indians and the history of the American state

Ask the Author

Nancy Isenberg and Andrew Burstein
New-York Knicks Reconsidered
Nancy Isenberg and Andrew Burstein on Washington Irving, Aaron Burr, and the lost political and literary world of early New York City


Myths of the Lost Atlantis
A blog series exploring early American politics, one reality at a time. In honor of Phil Lampi.

crierPublick Occurences 2.0
Jeffrey L. Pasley
A blog of historical punditry

Lampi's Election Notes
Philip Lampi
The latest from the "New Nation Votes" project

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