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AAS FSU · VOL. 08 · NO. 02 · January 2008

Talk of the Past
Joseph S. Bonica
Secrecy and Manhood
A political romance


Nancy Shoemaker
Oil and Bone
Whale consumption in the lives of Plymouth colonists

John Fea
Presbyterians in Love
Or, the feeling Philip Vickers Fithian

Elizabeth Reis
Perfect or Perverted?
Hermaphroditism and homosexuality in nineteenth-century America

Common Reading
Leon Jackson
We Won’t Leave Until We Get Some
Reading the newsboy’s New Year’s address

Review by Thomas J. Humphrey
Race, Class, and Upheaval in Revolutionary Virginia
Michael A. McDonnell, The Politics of War

Review by J. I. Little
Resisting State Authority on Passamaquoddy Bay
Joshua M. Smith, Borderland Smuggling

Review by Sharon Ann Murphy
Bread and Butter Activism
Joshua R. Greenberg, Advocating the Man

Review by Richard Newman
Print the (New) Legend!
Jeannine Marie DeLombard, Slavery on Trial

Review by Carl J. Richard
Early American Women and the Classics
Caroline Winterer, The Mirror of Antiquity

Review by Manisha Sinha
The Inhumanity of Slavery
David Brion Davis, Inhuman Bondage


Ask the author
Peter H. Wood
One Nation-One Semester
High-altitude flights across American History

crierPublick Occurences 2.0
Jeffrey L. Pasley
Welcome to the new Publick Occurences
Common-place enters the blogosphere

Tales from the Vault
Michael Winship
The Printing Press as an Agent of Change?
Early missionary printing in Thailand

The Common School
Jim Cullen
Exhibiting Excellence
National History Day and American educational reform

Object Lessons
Ann Fabian
One Man's Skull
A tale from the sea-slug trade

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