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AAS FSU · VOL. 08 · NO. 01 · October 2007

Talk of the Past
Philip Mead
Walking the Freedom Trail
Some lessons from Iraq


Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
How Betsy Ross Became Famous
Oral tradition, nationalism, and the invention of history

Edward Larkin
What is a Loyalist?
The American Revolution as civil war

David S. Shields
The Search for the Cure
The quest for the superlative American ham

Common Reading
Matthew P. Brown
Undisciplined Reading
Finding surprise in how we read

Review by Erica Armstrong Dunbar
Searching for Love and Security across the Color Line
Martha Hodes, The Sea Captain’s Wife

Review by Peter C. Mancall
Jamestown ®
William M. Kelso, Jamestown: The Buried Truth

Review by Carla Gardina Pestana
The Obsessive Richard Hakluyt
Peter C. Mancall, Hakluyt’s Promise

Review by John Howard Smith
"Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed?"
Chris Beneke, Beyond Toleration: The Religious Origins of American Pluralism

Review by Lynda Yankaskas
The Female Reader as Civic Actor
Mary Kelley, Learning to Stand and Speak

Review by Michael Zakim
Leather Steaks and Indigestible Pies
Wendy Gamber, The Boardinghouse in Nineteenth Century America


Ask the author
Megan Marshall
Why Biography?

Tales from the Vault
Steve Beare
Samuel Dodd
Bloomfield, New Jersey, bookbinders' tool maker

The Common School
Tim Roberts
Teaching by Analogy
Comparing American and Turkish history

Object Lessons
Barbara Brooks
An American Flag in Japan
Townsend Harris and the materials of diplomacy, 1857-58

Web Library
Web Library Special Feature
Allan Kulikoff
Early American History
It’s free and on the Web!

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