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AAS FSU · VOL. 07 · NO. 04 · July 2007

Uncommon Voice Prize

Talk of the Past
Johann N. Neem
Private Wealth, Public Influence
The Jeffersonian tradition and American philanthropy


Edward M. Griffin
Stubborn Loyalists
Calling on the daughters of Dr. Byles

Gilles Havard and Cécile Vidal
Making New France New Again
French historians rediscover their American past

Jacki Thompson Rand
Why I Can’t Visit the National Museum of the American Indian
Reflections of an accidental privileged insider, 1989-1994

Common Reading
Madison Smartt Bell and Laurent Dubois
The Haitian Revolution at the Crossroads
A discussion between Madison Smartt Bell and Laurent Dubois

Review by Elizabeth Urban Alexander
"He said I must": Rape, Race, and Social Class in Early America
Sharon Block, Rape & Sexual Power in Early America

Review by Richard R. John
Where in the World is the United States?
Thomas Bender, A Nation Among Nations

Review by Robert E. Wright
Finally, a New Paradigm
Saul Cornell, A Well-Regulated Militia

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Joyce E. Chaplin
Benjamin Franklin Slept Here

Ask the author
Peter C. Mancall
The Architect of Colonial Desires
Richard Hakluyt and the English in America

Tales from the Vault
Martha Hodes
A House in Vermont, a Caribbean Beach
Beckoned by landscapes beyond the archive

The Common School
Jim Cullen
National Character
Daniel Day-Lewis, American historian

Object Lessons
Matthew Underwood
Unpacking Winthrop's Boxes
A physician-projector and the improvement of Connecticut, c. 1670

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Uncommon Voice Prize

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