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AAS FSU · VOL. 07 · NO. 03 · April 2007


Graphics in 19th-century America

Georgia B. Barnhill, Joshua Brown, and Ian Gordon
Introduction: Seeing a Different Visual World
Graphics in nineteenth-century America

Barbara J. Balliet
"Let Them Study as Men and Work as Women"
Georgina Davis, new women, and illustrated papers

Gary L. Bunker
The Art of Condescension
Postbellum caricature and woman suffrage

Marvin D. Jeter and Mark Cervenka
H. J. Lewis, Free Man and Freeman Artist
The first African American political cartoonist

Ellen Gruber Garvey
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Appropriation
Scrapbooks and extra-illustration

Liz Hutter
"Ho for Salt River!"
Politics, loss, and satire

Catherine E. Kelly
Face Value
George Washington and portrait prints

Katharine Martinez
The Dickinsons of Amherst Collect
Pictures and their meanings in a Victorian home

Deirdre Murphy
"Like standing on the edge of the world and looking away into heaven"
Picturing Chinese labor and industrial velocity in the Gilded Age

Jonathan Prude
Engaging Urban Panoramas
City views of the antebellum North

Sue Rainey
Picturesque California
How westerners portrayed the West in the age of John Muir

Wendy Wick Reaves
"Reading" Portrait Prints
New ways of seeing old faces

Stephen P. Rice
Photography in Engraving on Wood
On the road to the halftone revolution


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