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AAS FSU · VOL. 07 · NO. 02 · January 2007

Talk of the Past
J. M. Opal
Making Peace Patriotic
Anti-war perspectives from the early republic

Hannah Carlson
Vulgar Things
James Fenimore Cooper's "clairvoyant" pocket handkerchief

Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe
Frontiers of Body and Soul
Ephrata’s émigrés in Virginia

Eran Shalev
Dr. Warren's Ciceronian Toga
Performing rebellion in Revolutionary Boston

Common Reading
Meredith L. McGill
Lurking in the Blogosphere of the 1840s
Hotlinks, sockpuppets, and the history of reading

Review by April Lee Hatfield
Quapaw Diplomacy and Osage Empire
Kathleen DuVal, The Native Ground

Review by Sean Patrick Adams
Taxing the House Divided
Robin L. Einhorn, American Taxation

Review by Christian J. Koot
Another Revolution in Need of Revising
Russell R. Menard, Sweet Negotiations

Review by Hilary Moss
Enslaved Bodies, Enslaved Selves
Marie Jenkins Schwartz, Birthing a Slave

Review by Brian Phillips Murphy
Before the Apple Ripened
Robert E. Wright, The First Wall Street

Review by Jeffrey Robert Young
Listening to the Evidence of the African American Slave Experience
Shane White and Graham White, The Sounds of Slavery


Joyce E. Chaplin
Vive la Différence?
Le musée du quai Branly

Ask the author
Catherine Allgor
The Language of Ladies
Or, small beer?

Tales from the Vault
James Fichter
American History on Other Continents
On the trail of China traders in Africa and Asia

The Common School
Paula S. Marron
Pint-Sized Historians at the Revolutionary Town Meeting
Presenting multiple perspectives, growing ideas

Object Lessons
Paul Staiti
The Capitalist Portrait
Collecting at the New York Chamber of Commerce

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