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AAS FSU · VOL. 06 · NO. 04 · July 2006

Uncommon Voice Prize

Talk of the Past
Edward Gray
The Little Picture
Or, who’s afraid of the big question?

Steven Biel
Parson Weems Fights Fascists
G. W. and the cherry tree in 1939

Thomas Bahde
The Common Dust of Potter’s Field
New York City and its bodies politic, 1800-1860

Jenry Morsman
Collision of Interests
The Effie Afton, the Rock Island Bridge, and the making of America

Common Reading
An interview with Henry Wiencek
Slaves and Slavery in George Washington’s World

Review by Peter C. Baldwin
When Night was Dark
A. Roger Ekirch, At Day’s Close

Review by Warren R. Hofstra
Old Wealth, Common Wealth
Sean Patrick Adams, Old Dominion, Industrial Commonwealth

Review by Jeff Broadwater
Whose Failure?
Bruce Ackerman, The Failure of the Founding Fathers

Review by Matthew Pinsker
Imperialists in Denial
Fred Anderson and Andrew Cayton, The Dominion of War

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Catherine A. Corman
The Adolescent Equinox
Or, why I never made it to Chichen Itza

Ask the author
Carol Berkin
Doing History
How the worlds of the scholar and the popular historian come together

Tales from the Vault
David Morgan
Print and Evangelicalism
Notes on the religious tract

The Common School
Dean Eastman and Kevin McGrath
Sagas in Stone
Students re-create New England history

Object Lessons
Brendan McConville
Of Spoons and Empires
The political uses of silver in provincial New York

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