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AAS FSU · VOL. 06 · NO. 03 · April 2006

Uncommon Voice Prize

Special Issue on Money

Stephen Mihm and Mark Peterson
Money Matters

Joyce Appleby
Money, Money, Money
The seventeenth-century effort to get an intellectual grasp on this slippery medium of trade

Jennifer J. Baker
Paper Money Gets Personal
Reading credit and character in early America

Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld
Money of Moderate Size
Playing tricks on the dollar in Ecuador

Christine Desan
Money Talks
Listening to the history of value

R. G. Doty
When Money Was Different
A look backward

Eric Helleiner
North American Monetary Union?
A mid-nineteenth-century prelude

Benjamin H. Irvin
Benjamin Franklin’s "Enriching Virtues"
Continental currency and the creation of a revolutionary republic


Wim Klooster
Have You Heard the News About the Silver Fleet?
The Dutch appetite for Spanish silver

Michael O’Malley
Free Silver and the Constitution of Man
The money debate and immigration at the turn of the century

Mark Peterson
Big Money Comes to Boston
The curious history of the Pine Tree Shilling

Malcolm Rohrbough
The California Gold Discoveries
The French view of themselves and the world

Jeffrey Sklansky
"A Bank on Parnassus"
Nicholas Biddle and the beauty of banking

Mark Valeri
The Rise of Usury in Early New England
Commerce, bills of exchange, and the morality of money

Robert E. Wright
Currency Unions Past and Present
Units of account, constitutions, and media of exchange

Michael Zakim
Bookkeeping as Ideology
Capitalist knowledge in nineteenth-century America

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Uncommon Voice
Announcing the 2006 winner: Melissa Haley's "Storm of Blows" (January, 2003)


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