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AAS FSU · VOL. 06 · NO. 01 · October 2005

Talk of the Past
Amy S. Greenberg
Americans in the Tropics
The imperialist imagination from filibustering to reality TV

Susan Juster
What’s "Sacred" about Violence in Early America?
Killing, and dying, in the name of God in the New World

Thomas Augst
Finding Barnum on the Internet
An antebellum museum in cyberspace

Peter Baldwin
Mapping Time
Night and day in the nineteenth-century city

Review by Kathleen Curtin
Beyond Baked Beans
Keith Stavely and Kathleen Fitzgerald, America’s Founding Food

Review by Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor
Enduring Independence
Carol Berkin, Revolutionary Mothers

Review by Gregory Nobles
Bovine Invaders, Porcine Imperialists
Virginia DeJohn Anderson, Creatures of Empire

Review by Akela Reason
"They Had Faces Then"
Margaretta M. Lovell, Art in a Season of Revolution

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Uncommon Voice
Announcing the Uncommon Voice Prize

Ask the author
Rhys Isaac
History Made from Stories Found
Seeking a microhistory that matters

crierPublick Occurences
Natalie Zacek
National Endowment's Summer Vacation
A professor goes to school

talesTales from the Vault
Tara Dirst and Allan Kulikoff
Was Dr. Benjamin Church a Traitor?
A new way to find out

schoolThe Common School
April F. Masten
Dancing through American History
Students think with their bodies

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