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AAS FSU · VOL. 05 · NO. 03 · April 2005

Talk of the Past
Edward G. Gray
A Hard Act is Good to Follow
Changing of the guard at Common-place


Three poems
Robert Strong
Puritan Spectacle
Three poems

Steven Biel
Brother, Can You Buy a Salem Witch Death Warrant?
A story of forgery in the Great Depression

Brogan Martha L. Brogan
Family Values
Lessons in material culture


Review by Michael LaCombe
The Atlantic World Turned Upside Down
Carla Gardina Pestana, The English Atlantic in an Age of Revolution, 1640-1661

Review by Johann N. Neem
Looking for Politics in All the Right Places
Jeffrey L. Pasley, Andrew W. Robertson, and David Waldstreicher, eds., Beyond the Founders

Review by Michael Hoeflich
Legal History and Material Culture of the Law
Martha J. McNamara, From Tavern to Courthouse: Architecture & Ritual in American Law, 1685-1860

Review by Kathleen W. Jones
Childhood Then and Now
Steven Mintz, Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood



Ask the author
Joshua Piker
Crossing Frontiers
Early American and Native American histories

Publick Occurences
Jeffrey L. Pasley
History Made Me a Liberal
(And it has something to teach us about Social Security)

talesTales from the Vault
Susan Branson
An Outlaw and Her Ghost Writer
Enigmas of female celebrity in early America

schoolThe Common School
W. Dean Eastman and Kevin McGrath
These Names Had Life and Meaning
Students document antebellum African American civic engagement

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