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AAS FSU · VOL. 05 · NO. 02 · January 2005

Edward G. Gray and Alan Taylor
Toward a Pacific World

Christopher Benfey
Herman Melville and John Manjiro
Toward a wave theory of the Pacific

Peter A. Coclanis
Pacific Overtures
The Spanish Lake and the global economy, 1500-1800

John Demos
Viewpoints on the China Trade
A young nation looks to the Pacific

Greg Dening
Encompassing the Sea of Islands
A most remarkable beach crossing

Alan Frost
James Mario Matra
Voyager with Cook

Edward G. Gray
Go East, Young Man
How a drifter from Revolutionary Connecticut found the Pacific

Steven W. Hackel
The Competing Legacies of Junípero Serra
Pioneer, saint, villain

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David Igler
Malaspina off and on the American Northwest Coast
The nature of the things he carried

Harry Liebersohn
A Radical Intellectual with Captain Cook
George Forster's world voyage

Paul Mapp
Silver, Science, and Routes to the West
The Pacific Ocean and eighteenth-century French imperial policy

Gwenn A. Miller
Russian Routes
Kamchatka to Kodiak Island

June Namias
First Meetings in the North Pacific
Russians and "Americans" in the Aleutians

Jenny Newell
Pacific Travelers
The islanders who voyaged with Cook

Mark Peterson
Naming the Pacific
How Magellan’s relief came to stick, and what it stuck to

Damon Salesa
An American on the Beach


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