Sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society 
and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
AAS AAS · VOL. 02 · NO. 04 · July 2002

Special Issue

Talk of the Past
Steven C. Bullock
American Midrash
Conversations about the Constitution



Thomas P. Rossiter, Signing of the Constitution, ca. 1860-1870. Courtesy Independence National Historical Park.

The Electoral College:
Rogers Smith Bush v. Gore
James Banner Nearly Impossible to Repeal

The Clinton Impeachment:
Joshua Micah Marshall Clinton Hating
Jack Rakove Dr. Clio goes to Washington

The Second Amendment:
Michael Bellesiles Constitutional Meanings
Joyce Malcolm Infringement

Women and the Constitution:
Linda Kerber The Asymmetries of Citizenship
Jan Lewis Why the Constitution Includes Women


Woody Holton
Lionizing the Beard
Re-reading of An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States by Charles A. Beard

John P. Kaminski
Madison's Gift
Review of Notes of Debates on the Federal Convention of 1787 by James Madison

John W. Quist
Slavery's Contingent Conclusion
Review of Final Freedom by Michael Vorenberg

Herbert Sloan
Fragments of the True Cross
Re-reading of The Founders' Constitution, edited by Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner

Keith E. Whittington
"The Constitution Must Be Looked into by the Judges"
Review of John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the Supreme Court by R. Kent Newmyer


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crierPublick Occurences
Jeffrey L. Pasley
The Sandbox of Iwo Jima
Playing at patriotism


Independence Hall Pastimes
Frances Delmar
Shouldering Independence
A ranger's tour of Independence Hall


Ask the author
Cass R. Sunstein
Still the Framers' Constitution?
The evolution of deliberation


Vox Pop
Peter Charles Hoffer
Consensus and Celebration
Study guides to the U.S. Constitution


Constitution Tales from the Vault
Catherine Nicholson and Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler
Exposed to Air after Fifty Years!
Preserving an American icon


The Common School
Gloria Sesso
We the People
When high schoolers debate the Constitution


Object Lessons
Beth Twiss-Garrity
Relics, Reverence, and Relevance
Seeing and knowing the Constitution


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