- · VOL. 01 · NO. 02 · January 2001

Talk of the Past
Jane Kamensky
Post-colonial holidaze


There Arose Such a Clatter
Stephen Nissenbaum
There Arose Such a Clatter
Who really wrote "The Night before Christmas"?

Molly McCarthy
Consuming History?
The pleasures and perils of eBay

Ann Fabian
Bones of Contention
The battle over Kennewick Man


Nancy Shoemaker
Knowing the Other
Review of Indians and English by Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Jeffrey L. Pasley
Off the Pedestal and Between the Sheets
Review of Scandalmonger by William Safire

Richard J. Bell
Captives and Audiences
Review of Cartographies of Desire by Rebecca Blevins Faery

Christopher Grasso
Supernatural Sounds and Enlightenment Silence
Review of Hearing Things by Leigh Eric Schmidt

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Ask the author
Richard Wightman Fox
These Hours of Backward Clearness
When should historians reverse time?


Tales from the Vault
Ezra Greenspan
Uncle Tom's Home Page
Harriet Beecher Stowe goes online


The Common School
Barry Bienstock
Teaching 1492
Re-examining the fifteenth century


Object Lessons
Laura Rigal
The Electric Books of 1747
Ben Franklin's luminous gilt


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