- · VOL. 01 · NO. 01 · September 2000

Talk of the Past
Jill Lepore
Playing Dress Up
The 1900 House strips The Patriot


Features Arming America
Michael Bellesiles
Disarming American History
Did early Americans actually own guns?

Scott Casper
Going Dutch
Before Edmund Morris, there was Parson Weems

Fred Anderson, David Armitage, Brian Delay, Eliga H. Gould, and Paul Mapp
Roundtable: The Crucible of War
Assessing the Seven Years' War


Walter Nugent
Remembering--and Inventing--the Alamo
Review of The Gates of the Alamo by Stephen Harrigan

Cynthia Van Zandt
Donna Merwick's New World
Review of Death of a Notary by Donna Merwick

James T. Kloppenberg
Describing America
Review of Becoming America by Jon Butler

David Waldstreicher
Appleby's Liberal America
Review of Inheriting the Revolution by Joyce Appleby

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Ask the author
Richard Slotkin
Fiction for the Purposes of History
What can a novelist do that an historian can't?


Tales from the Vault
Irene Quenzler Brown and Richard D. Brown
Incest in the Archives
The strange case of Ephraim Wheeler


The Common School
Peter Laipson
He Said, She Said
Teaching Gender to High Schoolers


Object Lessons
Alice Nash
Still Pequot After All These Years
Touring the Mashantucket Pequot Museum


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