Poetic Research Department
Index of past selections

Melissa Kwasny

Catherine Sasanov
from Markd Y (Archives & Invocations)

Volume 15 Number 1
Kelle Groom
Two Pieces

Volume 14 Number 4.5
Susan Rich
Dark Room

Volume 14 Number 4
Robert Farnsworth

Volume 14 Number 3.5
Phillip Barron

Volume 14 Number 3
Jessica Jacobs

Volume 14 Number 2.5
Early America, Poetically Speaking
Selections from a Panel at the 2013 Society of Early Americanists conference

Panel created, chaired, and introduced by Wendy Raphael Roberts

Volume 14 Number 1.5
Megan Pugh

Volume 14 Number 1
Alexandra Teague
Winchester Poems

Volume 13 Number 4.5
Nicole Stellon O'Donnell

Volume 13 Number 4
Tess Taylor
A Letter to Jefferson from Monticello

Volume 13 Number 3.5
T. Zachary Cotler

Volume 13 Number 3
Diana Arterian

Volume 13 Number 2.5
T.R. Hummer

Volume 13 Number 1.5
Elizabeth Bradfield

Volume 13 Number 1
Frances Richard
Outlet Fire

Volume 12 Number 4.5
Paul Legault
from The Emily Dickinson Reader

Volume 12 Number 4
Jill Magi
"I have begun again to read as I was taught."

Volume 12 Number 3.5
Geoffery Waterman
A Voice Inside My Own

Volume 12 Number 3
Brian Teare, Poems
Laura Larson, Photographs

Automatic Writing and Group #1

Volume 12 Number 2.5
William Allen
The Largest Glue Factory in the World

Volume 12 Number 2
Jon Thompson
Poems from Strange Country

Volume 12 Number 1.5
Roxane Beth Johnson
All Things Go on Past

Volume 12 Number 1
Sean Hill
A Home
Liberia Poems

Volume 11 Number 4.5
Jonathan Skinner
Poems, from Spoils of the Park

Volume 11 Number 4
Cole Swensen

Volume 11 Number 3.5
Dan Beachy-Quick
Conscious Allegory

Volume 11 Number 3
Bronwen Tate
All You Have to Do

Volume 11 Number 2.5
Sarah Messer
Thresholds of Finding and Becoming
History and the Found Poem

Volume 11 Number 2
Richard Greenfield
Duck River Latitudes

Volume 11 Number 1
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers
The Age of Phillis

Volume 10 Number 4
Robert Strong
from Bright Advent

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