Anna Mae Duane


University of Connecticut

Walter Woodward


University of Connecticut

Common-place Staff


Kathy Foley and Rachel Smith, University of Connecticut


Administrative Editors

Nathalie Caron
University of Paris, Val de Marne (France)


Corresponding Editor

Catherine Preus


Copy Editor

Kyle B. Roberts, Loyola University, Chicago


New Media Editor

Nathan Jérémie-Brink, Loyola University, Chicago


New Media Assistant

John McCoy



Founding Editors


Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore

Column Editors and Columnists


Ask the Author


Joseph M. Adelman, Framingham State University

The Common School


Darcy R. Fryer, The Brearley School, New York, New York

Common-place Web Library


Edward Whitley, Lehigh University

Notes on the Text


William Huntting Howell, Boston University

Object Lessons


Sarah Carter, Chipstone Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Ellery Foutch, Middlebury College

Poetic Research


Robert Strong, Bates College

Publick Occurrences


Jeffrey L. Pasley, University of Missouri



Joshua R. Greenberg, Bridgewater State University
Yvette Piggush, St. John's University

Tales from the Vault


Wendy Woloson, Rutgers University, Camden

Editorial Board


Joshua Brown


City University of New York

Richard D. Brown


University of Connecticut, Storrs

Steven Bullock


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Andrew L. Cayton


Miami University of Ohio

Patricia Cleary


California State University, Long Beach

Patricia Cline Cohen


University of California, Santa Barbara

John P. Demos


Yale University

Paul J. Erickson


American Antiquarian Society

Ann Fabian


Rutgers University

Jonathan Beecher Field


Clemson University

Edward Gray


Florida State University

Amy Greenberg


Pennsylvania State University

James N. Green


The Library Company of Philadelphia

Robert Gross


University of Connecticut

Steven Hackel


University of California, Riverside

Kate Haulman


American University

William B. Hart


Middlebury College

David Jaffee


Bard Graduate Center

Catherine E. Kelly


University of Oklahoma

Margaretta Lovell


University of California, Berkeley

Ann Smart Martin


University of Wisconsin, Madison

Stephen Mihm


University of Georgia

Mark Peterson


University of California, Berkeley

Daniel K. Richter


University of Pennsylvania

David S. Shields


University of South Carolina

Susan P. Schoelwer


George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens

Robert Blair St. George


University of Pennsylvania

Eric Stange


Spy Pond Productions

Alan Taylor


University of Virginia

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


Harvard University

Bryan Waterman


New York University

Michael Zakim


Tel Aviv University

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