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1. The Author agrees to submit the Work to Common-place The Interactive Journal of Early American Life, Inc ("Common place"), for publication in Volume , Number .

2. The Author warrants the originality, authorship, authenticity, and sole ownership of all rights to the Work, that the Work has not been previously published, that, to the best of the Author's knowledge, the Work is not libelous, that publication of the Work will not infringe upon any copyright, right to privacy, proprietary or any other right of any person, corporation or other entity; that the Author has not agreed to give any interview person[s] any editorial approval or control over the Work; that any necessary permissions will have been obtained, and that the Author agrees to deliver copies of the Permission Agreement[s] with this executed Agreement. The Author agrees to provide pertinent source materials to Common-place for the purpose of pre-publication review for accuracy and libel or in the event of any legal action arising from the Work's publication.

3. The Author agrees that the publishers of Common-place shall have the right, but not the obligation, during the full term of Author's copyright to publish the Work throughout the world, in any language, in Common-place, an electronic medium, and that the Work shall not be published by the Author in any form or medium, anywhere in the world, prior to six weeks following the publication of the work in Common-place.

4. In consideration of the fact that Common-place receives requests from third parties who seek to reprint material from the journal, the Author grants Common-place the non-exclusive right to authorize republication or reproduction of the Work, or any part of it, by any means, in magazines, newspapers, textbooks, anthologies and other books, including reprints and photocopies and by electronic means or distribution or any future means, in any form, in any language, and in any quantity. Common-place agrees to consult the Author before granting reprint permissions, except for classroom use and electronic distribution, and to pay the Author 50% of any reprint fee from republication and reproduction by third parties with the exception of classroom use and electronic distribution. The credit line in every case specified shall read as follows:

"Reprinted from Common-place the Interactive Journal of Early American life, Inc., Volume (vol), Number (no), (year), ©(year) by (Author's name). By permission of the publishers."

5. The Author agrees that at such time as the Work is included in any book, whether or not it be entirely composed of the Author's own writing, Common-place will be given credit as the first publisher and the Work will be cited with its full title(s) as it appeared in Common-place. The Author also agrees that, if the Work is used as the basis of a book, a motion picture, a videotape, or a television or radio presentation, credit will be given to Common-place as the first publisher of the Work.

6. The Author agrees that Common-place may use the Author's name, likeness and to distribute copies of the Work, or any part of it, and quote from it, prior to or following publication in Common-place for publicity purposes.

7. Nothing herein shall constitute a promise by Common-place that the Work shall in fact be published in Common-place. However, if the Work is not published within one year of its acceptance, all rights in the Work will be relinquished to the Author.

8. This Agreement contains the entire and complete understanding of the par ties and is made in and shall be governed by Massachusetts law and can only be changed by an agreement in writing signed by Common-place and the Author.

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